Why embrace your Individuality?

Do you ever feel that if people really (like REALLY) knew you that they’d run for the hills? That if they could see your inner dialog they’d think you were crazy?

I do. I am weird – I’ll admit that. I am a housewife that homeschooled my daughter. I want an urban farm, I’m an enthusiast of the 40’s & 50’s – especially the clothing, I have a love for crafts and fashion, and I’m a devout Catholic. I have four tattoos and have had purple, pink, and red hair. I have shaved my head bald and had every hair style up to hair past my butt. I am goofy, always cracking jokes and singing in a little kid voice. Weird combination? I think so, but that’s who I am and that’s how God made me.

I want all of us to understand God’s unique creation through ourselves, why it’s important to embrace our individuality, and how it can help us understand God’s calling for each one of us.


I’ll start by pondering this phrase:

I am.

What does that mean?

First of all I AM is the English translation of the Hebrew word Yahweh – the name of God. Secondly, it’s a statement meaning “to be”‘ or “to exist”. The great I AM created me to exist, so too, “I am”. This probably sounds a little weird but think about it. God is, was and always will be (He exists always) and He created us to exist also. He made us in his image and likeness – yet we are all different. (Makes me ponder all the different characteristics of God) But why did he make us all different?

We are all unique because God made us all for unique purposes. This is our vocation. By discovering and embracing your God given traits you will find your mission, you will be happier, at peace and glorifying the Lord through your life the way He intended. You will also bring others to God because others will want what you have – peace, happiness, hope, and to be comfortable in their own skin.

The Church “desires to give thanks to the Most Holy Trinity for the ‘mystery of woman’ and for every woman – for all that constitutes the eternal measure of her feminine dignity, for the ‘great works of God’, which throughout human history have been accomplished in and through her”.

St. John Paul II

Letter to Women

Here’s what I hear when I read this quote.

“The Holy Church is thankful for the woman that presents qualities so obscure that others are curious of her elevation of character given to her by the Creator, therefore leading them to Christ Jesus”.

When we accept our obscure qualities, our uniqueness, and celebrate them and use them regularly, we glorify the Triune God by allowing His creation (you) to fully flourish and we help in His ministry by bringing other to Him.

I do still feel that others think I’m weird and crazy but will they run? No, they stay to find out what is so different about me and if they ask I can say…… Jesus!

This is just the start of this conversation. I will have a slew of blog posts diving deeper into this vast pit of knowledge so please come back for the next: How to figure out your God given Traits Also please leave your comments below as I would love to hear your feed back.

Till next time…. be happily you & God Bless.

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